ikarus c42b

The C42 Ikarus is a two seat aircraft manufactured in Germany. It is ideally suited to trial flights with it's high wing allowing a fantastic view of the ground. It is easy to fly and is the ideal training aircraft.  This aircraft boasts a large, ergonomically designed cockpit and gentle handling, making it a great training aircraft. The performance characteristics are similar to those of the Eurostar and with long range fuel tanks the aircraft has an extensive range. 

EV-97 Eurostar

With its bubble canopy, the EV-97 like the C42 gives amazing views.  The Eurostar is considered the 'sporty' version with its nippy handling & speed.  The EV-97 is often described as a "pilots plane". The aircraft is a low - wing design and gives excellent all round visibility. It has a good cruise speed and is easy to handle for experienced pilots and beginner alike. It has an excellent climb rate, short field take off performance and impressive fuel economy.