our experiences...

Learning to fly is the ultimate freedom - but for those who just want a taste of flight or the scenic views of Northumberland a trial flight with us is the perfect place to start. 

At Purple Aviation we offer a variety of flight experiences all of which include the chance to take control of the aircraft under the watchful eye of your instructor. 

We offer experiences ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours in both fixed and flex wing aircraft. Learn more about fixed and flex wing aircraft here.

For an additional £25 we are able to record your flight in HD to finish off the perfect gift experience. 

what to expect...

Once you have purchased a flight voucher from this website, simply contact us to arrange your booking. 

All our flight vouchers include a 10 minute pre flight briefing with your instructor who will help you to get the most of of your chosen experience. The 10 minute briefing is in addition to your flight time. 

You're welcome to come and spend the day at the airfield watching the buzz of the very active flying club, but be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to your flight for your brief. 
All of our vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.