Storm spent 10 years in the British Army, reaching the rank of Major. He was qualified as an Advanced Diving Supervisor and Military Parachutist, both at low and high altitude. In 1994 he left the Army and joined Rolls Royce working in India, Nigeria and China. In 1998 he flew a microlight from Bangalore to the Farnborough Air Show raising £200, 000 for an Indian Childrens Charity (CRY). In 2002 he purchased Eshott Airfield and embarked on a five year development plan with the aim to create a centre of excellence for sport aviation in the North East. He is a Qualified Flying Instructor and carries out GST's for Purple Aviation. 

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Simon j

Simon had completed 30 years of government service and has retired from 'real work'. He returned to a much loved hobby which he now enjoys as a Flying Instructor on the flex wing side of the team. Simon qualified as a flying instructor in 2013 and was upgraded to QFI in 2015. Simon is able to train students 7 days a week and fortunately only lives 15 minutes from the airfield! Always keen to help around the airfield, Simon is readily available to pass on the flying bug to as many people as possible!

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Paul started his flying career in 2003 as a paraglider pilot and moved on to powered flying in 2008. He has been a regular flyer ever since and, after a career in architecture spanning some 40 years, decided to share his passion for flying with others and become an instructor. Having completed the flying instructor course at the start of 2014, Paul was more than happy to accept the offer to work at Purple Aviation. Paul now looks forward to his new full time pursuit and along with the flight training is also keen to help student pilots through the NPPL ground school syllabus.  Paul is now one of our main instructors and carries out trial flights and full tuition. 

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Terry who is married to Yvonne has recently retired as a Ships Captain in the Merchant Navy after a 40 year career. In his spare time he qualified as a PPL, completing both his CPL and IR ratings in the USA. Nine years ago he experienced the delights of microlights and turned his back on the expensive GA world. It was at this time he completed his Flying Instructor rating in Portugal with Gerry Breen. To date Terry has acquired 2200 hours on all type of which 1100 hours have been instructional. 

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