learn to fly...

Learning to fly is the ultimate freedom - after an intro flight with our pilots you'd begin to understand the possibilities. Purple Aviation Flight Training based at Eshott Airfield is able to offer training for the NPPL(M). This is a National Private Pilots Licence for Microlights.  This is by far the most common form of license for pilots within the UK. 

The minimum requirements for license issue are 25 hours total flying time to include 10 hours of solo flight and two qualifying cross country flights. 

During your course, you'll complete our flying syllabus and five multiple choice exams in;-

// Principles of flight
// Aviation law
// Navigation
// Meteorology
// Human Performance & Limitations

Whilst it may sound daunting, in practice learning to fly is a fascinating and exhilarating experience. An NPPL(M) is simpler than a conventional aircraft licence and can be gained in approximately 2/3 the flying time and 1/3 the cost!

Some facts & figures...

To train for your NPPL(M) you must be at least 14 years old. You must then be 16 years old before you are able to solo the aircraft for the first time. 

You must have completed the Pilot Medical Declaration form available on the CAA website here.  This is an affirmation of your medical fitness - in completing the form you are confirming that you meet the requirements of a Group 1 Ordinary Driving Licence, issued by the DVLA.  

ELC Scheme - Approved provider 

Are you an active or recently retired member of the Armed Forces? If so you may be eligible for grants of up to 80% off of your flight training cost with us. 

Purple Aviation is an approved provider of aviation training from the Ministry of Defence.  This is split into two stages... 

Module 1 - £2450 (MOD to pay up to 80%) - 20 hours flight tuition, ground school as required & Aviation Law exam

Module 2 - £2300 (MOD to pay up to 80%) - 16 hours flight training, further exams for NPPL & Final General Skills Test. 

flying tuition packages

So you've done your first trial flight and you're hooked...We've got a variety of different flying tuition packages that you can choose from. From ground school packages to bulk buying, these are designed to help you achieve your goal of flying in an efficient and timely manner. 

The instructors

Our highly experienced instructors have over ten thousand flying hours between them. Their primary focus is to ensure that you achieve your goals in a safe and professional training environment and of course to make sure that you have as much fun as possible along the journey.