The National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL - M)

If you’re looking to fly microlights recreationally and share the adventure with a friend or family member at an affordable rate, the NPPL(M) is the licence for you. Microlights are defined by their weight class and are essentially just small aircraft designed for one or two people. Purple Aviation carries out NPPL training from Eshott Airfield on the C42 Ikarus and EV97 Eurostar - fast, comfortable and modern aircraft that make ideal touring machines once you’ve learnt to fly. Click below to learn more about completing your NPPL(M) pilots licence with Purple Aviation at Eshott Airfield.

The Private Pilots Licence (PPL & LAPL)

The Private Pilots Licence is designed for those of you looking to pilot a private aircraft outside of the microlight category, perhaps with the view to fly larger aeroplanes and maybe even go on to have a career in aviation. The PPL(A) can have a variety of “add-ons” such as night ratings and instrument ratings and should you wish, one day this can progress into an airline pilots licence. Flight training is carried out by our experienced instructors, 7 days a week from Eshott Airfield on the two seat Cessna 150H and the four seat Piper PA28 Cherokee 180 - both of which are perfectly suited for initial training.