Tuition in the air

So the trial flight is over and you want to experience a little more? At Purple Aviation we believe that consistency in your training will make you a better pilot. 

Tuition will be carried out at £120 per flying hour and there are a variety of ground tuition requirements and exams that must be completed to gain your NPPL(M). Our 25 hour flying course will save you over £400 over the course of your training - this amounts to roughly 12%. 

As part of the package you'll receive:

// 25 hours flying time
// Pilots starter kit
// Ten hours of ground school
// Five written exams paid
// 1 years free membership to Eshott Airfield
// General skills test

tuition on the ground

To gain your NPPL(M) there are five multiple choice exams that must be completed and passed. You will complete these exams in our classroom on site and they will be marked by our in house examiner. 

Many people find exams daunting. Our ground school package allows you time to cover all five exams with an instructor to help you get the best results. The ground school package price included the cost of the exams.

The exams you'll have to complete in the ground school as part of your NPPL(M) are;

// Principles of flight
// Navigation
// Meteorology
// Aviation Law
// Human Performance & Limitations